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Self Love Mini Retreat 

A magnificent morning of intention setting, heart opening yoga and guided reiki meditation. An elixir for the body mind and soul. 

What To Expect

We will begin with some intention setting and affirmations for a positive heart opening practice. 

The yoga session will focus on gently opening up the heart space through a combination of gentle flow, yin and restorative yoga. Working with the energy of the heart centre chakra and meridians. 

This will be followed by a beautiful reiki meditation guided by the amazing Angela. For anyone who's never experienced reiki before it is a gentle relaxing journey to release stagnant energy in the body. Angle is a Reiki Master and lover of all things energy. (having had reiki with her before I can confirm she is an amazing reiki master) 


This workshop is fully suitable for beginners or those new to yoga. Ideal for anyone who would like to feel the power of an open heart and the soothing effects of reiki meditation. 

There will also be a plant based snack for you to enjoy and have a chance to chat and connect with your fellow retreat buddies.  

You'll also receive a small gift to take home as a memento of your day. 

The spaces for this event are limited and already more than half full. 

Self Love Mini Retreat (1080 x 1350 px) - 1.PNG
Yellow Flowers

What you'll need. 

Take your mat

A blanket

A bolster if you have one

Blocks if you have them

A pillow. 

Water bottle

Cosy socks and jumper. 

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