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Festive Candle Light  YinDulgence

An evening of twinkling lights, cosy blankets and an extended yin yoga and essential oils practice, followed by a cuppa and a wee cake! 

Sunday 3rd December 6-8pm @ 314 Clifton Road

Sunday 7th January 5-7pm @ 314 Clifton Road

What To Expect

Prepare to unwind and deeply relax with this candle lit, evening yindulegence. 

Bring your cosy layers, favourite blanket and lets get deep into the cosy Yin Yoga practice. 

You'll enjoy this practice under the soft glow of candlelight and soothing festive smells of essential oils. 

Afterwards you'll enjoy a cuppa and a fine piece provided by me. 

Yellow Flowers

What you'll need. 

Take your mat

A blanket

A bolster if you have one

Blocks if you have them

A pillow. 

Water bottle

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