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Festive Mini Retreat

A half day urban retreat just for you with Hatha Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga, Meditation, & Restorative Yoga. 

Saturday 23rd December 10-12:30

What To Expect

This is a gift from you to you. Time out from the chaos of festive period for relaxation, calmness and quiet.  

Your mini retreat will begin with some grounding breathwork. This will allow you to tap into the calmer part of the nervous system, setting the tone for your day. 

The yoga practices will begin with a gentle but energising hatha flow to open up those tight spaces in the body. 

The focus of this mini retreat is peace and quiet for you. Time out to relax and rest. 

December can be a busy month so take this time for you, you deserve it.

Yellow Flowers

What you'll need. 

Take your mat

A blanket

A bolster if you have one

Blocks if you have them

A pillow. 


A notepad and pen. 

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