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How to choose a yoga mat for you.

Choosing a new yoga mat can be tricky, so here are my top tips for choosing a mat. 

1. Ask for recommendations. You can ask your teacher or folks in your class where they got their mat and how they are finding it. This is a great way to start so you can see, touch and get feedback from people who are using their mat regularly. 

2. Weight and size. Yoga mats are all made from different materials and come in a few lengths. If you’re planning on carrying your mat from gym to gym then make sure it’s not too heavy/cumbersome for you. 

3. Thickness for your practice. Ok so a thicker mat will help with knee pain or a thinner mat could also be used as a topper for borrowed mat to add extra depth. But the thicker the mat the heavier it is likely to be. If you are practicing on a hard floor something a little thicker will help your joints and be more comfortable whereas on a carpeted floor then something more sticky and thin would work well. 

4. Style of yoga you practice. If you’re practicing hot yoga then a sticky mat might seem like a good idea so you slip less. If it’s more yin or restorative then a thicker mat works well. 

5. Price. This is a deciding factor for many. Something to consider is a good mat will probably last you a lifetime. Whereas cheaper mats can tend to fall apart/get worn quickly. Especially if it is a very basic foamy mat. Also cats and dogs love to scratch a mat so that can also be a point to consider. What I usually say to students is you can start with a cheaper mat and the if you decide you like yoga and want to continue then perhaps investing in a better quality mat can come later. 

6. Sustainability, many yoga mat companies have this built into their products so you can choose ones that are more carbon neutral as desired. 

Also if you’d like my feedback on the mats I’ve tried I’d be happy to share my opinions. 








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