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Pelvic Floor, Pilates and Menopause Yoga Workshop

A time to learn all about the pelvic floor, ask an expert, discover how Pilates can help and relax with Menopause Yoga, in the company of other women. 

Sunday 26th March 10-2pm @ 314 Clifton Road (Natalie Tough School of Dance)  

What To Expect

In this upcoming workshop you will be able to

Gain practical tips 
Get to ask an expert 

In this workshop with Laura and me no topics will be off limits for you to ask questions about.

This amazing afternoon for you will consist of:
Pelvic floor health talk plus Q&A
Floor based Pilates focussing on pelvic floor
Menopause yoga
And a snack lunch will be provided

Tickets will be available for you first on 1st March

Pelvic Floor Health Workshop.png
Yellow Flowers

What you'll need. 

Take your mat

A blanket

A bolster if you have one

Water bottle

Notepad and pen. 

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